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Code Enforcement

The mission of Taft Code Enforcement is to protect and improve the quality of life, health, and welfare of the community of Taft by striving to keep all properties in compliance through education, community policing, and building relationships with our citizens.

About the Code Enforcement Department

The goal of the department is to strengthen neighborhoods by preventing the deterioration of housing and commercial properties, through the enforcement and abatement of code violations.

Property owners and tenants are equally responsible for the care of their premises and properties.

Code Enforcement encourages all residents to “Know the Code” and assist in keeping the community free from health and safety risks. Removing the trash and debris within each neighborhood will reduce related criminal activity and preserve property values.

Common Code Violations

State law allows cities to take action to control junked vehicles. If a vehicle remains inoperable for more than thirty (30) consecutive days on private property or seventy-two (72) consecutive hours on public property, or if the vehicle has expired license plates or an expired motor vehicle inspection sticker, it can be considered a junk vehicle.

Reason For Regulation
Parking a junked vehicle in public view decreases private property value and is detrimental to the safety of the public and creates a fire hazard.

To comply with the ordinance, a vehicle meeting the definition of a junked vehicle must be removed or screened from ordinary public view. Screening devices include a fence, rapidly growing trees, or shrubbery.

Vehicles are an important part of our everyday life. Where and how vehicles are kept can create safety hazards and affect the value of a neighborhood. Local ordinances and state laws regulate parked vehicles.

Parking Unhitched Trailers and Recreation Vehicles

Unhitched trailers parked on city streets are unsightly and can create a safety problem. Parking unhitched trailers on city streets is not permitted.

Parking on Unimproved Surfaces

This is often known as yard parking. Vehicles are not allowed to park on any residential lot unless the parking surface is improved.

No Parking Zones

Local ordinance follows state law in prohibiting parking in places that are marked by signs or curb markings.

Overnight Truck Parking

Parking vehicles with a carrying capacity exceeding 1-1/2 tons on city streets is prohibited.

Improved Surface~ An area used for the parking or storage of vehicles that is overlaid or otherwise paved with concrete, asphalt, paving stones, or other hard surfaced material approved by the building official.

Vehicles~ Any Automobile, bus, tuck, tractor, motor house, farm machinery, motorcycle, scooters, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, boats, aircrafts, recreational vehicles, golf carts, go carts, trailers, fifth wheels trailers, campers, camper shells, wheeled towing frames, semi-tractor trailers, truck beds mounted on chassis and mobile homes.

It is the owner, occupants, or person in control of the premises to maintain; Trees or plants that hang lower than seven (8) feet above a sidewalk pose as a hazard for pedestrians. Walking into a low hanging branch can cause serious injury. Trees that hang lower than fourteen (14) feet above the street surface pose as a hazard for emergency vehicles and larger trucks. Grass that exceeds 12 inches in height on any property.

Reason for Regulation
Trees and vegetation compliment residential neighborhoods. They can become a serious hazard if allowed to become an obstruction to pedestrians and vehicles.

According to the ordinance, trees and plants must be kept trimmed to allow a seven (8) foot clearance above sidewalks and a fourteen (14) foot clearance above the street surface.


The accumulation of any carrion (animal carcasses), filth, rubbish, or other unwholesome matter along with grass that exceeds 12 inches in height on any property.

The accumulation of unwholesome matter and tall grass not only makes the neighborhood unsightly, but it may also attract vermin, create a fire hazard, and endanger the public health.

Keep your property mowed and free of trash and rubbish.

*This is not intended to be inclusive of all city ordinances, for more information or questions, please contact City Hall

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